What is ShopperCoin?

We are here to create multi-channel, multi-vendor loyalty experience that will change loyalty and cashback programs for new generation of shoppers


Snap Receipts

Download ShopperCoin Beta App from Google Play store or Apple Appstore and start snapping your everyday purchase receipts of grocery, food, utility bills etc. For every valid receipts you get 5 ShopperCoins and Receipts from our premium partners you get 25 ShopperCoins

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Earn ShopperCoin

by snapping receipts, referring your friends or merchants, participating in the bounty program or capturing promo code at your promotional events. Be an ambassador and early adopter of ShopperCoin app and get leverage before it’s too late.

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Spend ShopperCoin

You can spend your earned ShopperCoins for purchase products, services and gift cards. Soon you will also able to do send and receive ShopperCoin from other users and exchange ShopperCoin for other cryptocurrencies and vice versa.

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Blockchain + AI

For transparency and integrity, the next version of ShopperCoin app will be based on the blockchain with AI to enhance receipt recognition to be more accurate and faster.

Crypto Wallet

As we are moving forward with the blockchain development. Users can send and receive ShopperCoin in their own crypto wallet.

AI Based Merchant Platform

We are working on Blockchain+Artificial Intelligence based Merchant Platform to track, validate & process Shoppercoin data for Merchants. Our internal Retailers & User tracking AI based Data Analytics systems will present reports with clarity on user traffic data, product demand and more.

New UI Experience

For the next version, Our UI/UX team will introduce new and easier user interface with ironclad security features.

Be an early adopter and start earning ShopperCoin.