Stay Connected with ShopperCoin

ShopperCoin is introducing notifications, a better way to stay connected with our users. Now you can stay updated with every improvement we make in our app. This is really exciting news for us because we can finally provide our users with instantaneous updates and exclusive offers

How does this make the app better for our users?

  • Any time we update our inventory in our store you will know it first. This way you can stay updated and add new products to redeem on your wishlist.
  • Exclusive offers, We are going to put out some goodies and reward codes very soon through our app and allow our users to use them to earn more ShopperCoin.
  • Earn more, You can now get notified each time we raise our rewards for referrals and Snapping receipts during festive seasons; which will enable you to earn more ShopperCoin.

These are just a few things that we are working on. There is plenty more exciting stuff coming your way.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach us at [email protected]

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