ShopperCoin introduces Gift cards

Our users asked for it, we got it. Giftcards. We are working on improving our app everyday and ours users have supported us immensely throughout this growth. Thank you all for your feedback and please continue giving us your feedback, as we will always work on making it a reality.

Now you can redeem your ShopperCoin for a giftcard of your choice. We have plenty of gift cards that you can choose from, which are available from around the globe.

How can I redeem a Gift card?

  • Browse through the gift cards in our in-app store and choose the gift card you desire. Make sure that it is available for your country, The country is mentioned specifically in the title of each gift card.
  • Got the one you like? Good. Now click on buy now and you will be able to redeem your ShopperCoin balance for the gift card. You will receive the gift card by email within 72 hours.
  • Please make sure that you read the legal disclaimer before redeeming any of the gift cards, as the disclaimer is stated by the gift card brand.

Snap more and redeem more rewards with ShopperCoin.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach us at [email protected]

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