Grow your network with the new ShopperCoin update

Hey ShopperCoin Community, We are here with action-packed features to make our community experience better and filled with more fun. Now share the love with your friends and earn more ShopperCoin while connecting with them.

Just open ShopperCoin app and tap on view referrals and your referral Dashboard will appear in front of you.

Now stay connected with your friends and earn ShopperCoin together. So this is how we have improved the traditional way of referring an app to your friends. In the traditional system, you need to provide a referral code to your friends and you and your friends get rewarded during sign up. We have taken to this next level and now you can earn more when your friends refer someone or even take a snap of a receipt. You can claim these rewards once your friend has referred to 10 people and snapped 10 receipts.

The reason for us doing this is very elementary, We want our community to be more interactive with each other and as a bootstrap startup, we are working hard constantly to provide a better user experience. We want our users to connect more with their friends so that not only the ShopperCoin community is larger but also this would help us in providing better rewards to our users.

 The traditional systems of loyalty aren’t sustainable and we all are well aware of it so let’s spread the awareness and build a new premium loyalty based ecosystem.

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