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A quick update what’s happening at ShopperCoin.

ShopperCoin is a bootstrap self-funded startup with a very small team. We expected to grow slow and steady but it is another way around. We are quickly ramping up and the situation to take care of many elements of our business which sometimes is too demanding for our team striving at all levels to deliver it.

We have the biggest issue with our reward fulfillments vendors as we are a small but growing company we don’t get their 100% attention to fulfill all our users’ rewards on time. which in return make our users being frustrated.

The Solution:
​We have taken reward fulfillment in our hands. We will no longer depend on the third party to help us out. We will fulfill rewards manually in a timely manner. To execute this we are revamping our stores with gift cards and product which will be easier for our team to fulfill in a timely manner.

Also, we are removing the KYC requirement to redeem anything from the store. KYC will be only required when we will bring more financial component in ShopperCoin later this year.

We are refunding ShopperCoin to all the users who haven’t received gift cards or products. And we request you to allow us till July 20th, 2019 to add new products and gift cards in the store for you to redeem.

Being the self-funded bootstrap company limit us to bring our vision to life in a timely manner. Please help us by spreading the word about ShopperCoin across social media. We need your help to reach 1 Million Downloads so we can get the attention of financial institutions to help us with capital for ShopperCoin to reach a new level.

​Refer your Friends. Review ShopperCoin on Youtube, App Store and Facebook.

From now on, we will be more active on social media and keep our user engage with news and post reward codes for you to claim.

​Lets us together make ShopperCoin a promising new loyalty platform for brands and merchant which they can’t resist.

​Thank you once again to support a startup like us. You are the reason which keeps us motivated to move forward against every hurdle every day.

​Thank you,
​ShopperCoin Team

  1. Hi i realize that you are yourown company and want to be independent of other companies. Just wondering if you looked at someof the other apps that are similar that have been around a long time? Like receipthog and receiptpal? It might be easier with less restrictions per day less code. They also don’t fulfill immediately telling you 48 to 72 hours to receive the gift code. They fulfill them anytime within the time frame giving them 3 days if needed. Good luck to you in your endeavour. I forgot to mention I really like that you have the video and the scratch card to get extra points.

  2. I’ve been here only a short time. But I like the way Shoppercoin gives the facts about what is going on with this app. They don’t lie and tell stories to cover up from paying the user. Thanks for staying REAL…..

  3. Thanks. Me and my sister loves the ShopperCoin app. I will share On social media to help better everyone again thanks for your app.

  4. Thank You for the notice. I wasnt affected but appreciate your consideration for your users & will reccomend you to all my friends.

  5. I love your solution: taking accountability! You have my patience and loyalty. Just don’t offer me Amazon gift cards. That company abuses their employees.

  6. Hello. Well this is something I have seen only twice since the start of apps. This being the third, I gotta say, thank you for the Honesty and for the transparency. Now I see this message and I know that most will read it and think nothing of it. Sad, but true. Hey, its the world we live in. I have an idea, one that could be very promising. I came up with it a few months back just did not know to whom I was going to give it to, if your interested then let me know. If you are a small team already over loaded with work and adding a large scale project worries you, that is by far understandable. I assure you that two people will be able to handle it easy. One really but two is always better than one.

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