Blockchain, Ai, Machine Learning Infused Loyalty and Cashback Platform.

ShopperCoin Vision

With a vision to disrupt the customer loyalty market for good, ShopperCoin will infuse cutting-edge technology, innovation & best practices in the way rewards for loyalty is given out thus provide consumers all over the world with a new experience and produce more value for their loyalty to merchants and brands.

ShopperCoin Roadmap

We anticipate having five million app users by next year.

The journey towards this incredible vision begins with user acquisition; we will live this journey side-by-side with our app users, merchants, and partners. For every milestone achieved.

We will introduce more robust features for our growing user base

Commencing ShopperCoin v2.0

ShopperCoin will mark its Proof of Concept successfully once we reach 500,000 app users with 1 million SCO transaction every day.

At the moment, ShopperCoin platform has only a few advanced functions, but our goal is to build all vital features that will make this platform unique. Having these advanced functions means investing more towards ShopperCoin platform, team, and infrastructure to make the whole journey experiential for our users.

ShopperCoin v2.0 Launch

We expect to reach Two Million users in 2 quarters after achieving the first milestone and then launch APP V2.0 which will have the following functionalities in addition to the ones present in the current version

Enhanced Overall UI/UX

APP V2.0 will carry a design that will not only reflect the delicate sensibilities of our customers but also match-up with their future aspirations thus offering them a smoother experience.

Better Data & App Security

Technology is changing every day so is data security standards. Even after having a multi-layered security system with standardized protocols we are still working on enhancing these measures to ensure that no data breach is possible. This approach will enable us to be future-proof regarding security issues.

E-commerce Transaction & Redemption

We intend to offer variety to our customers when it comes to their varied shopping needs. Bringing e-commerce players to our platform will take us a few steps closer to that goal. We will have exclusive tie-ups all sizes of e-commerce players so that our users get special offers and exclusive benefits from them

Blockchain, Ai & Machine Learning

Is it mission accomplished for ShopperCoin team at two million users? No, there are many more things to achieve. Therefore, our development journey will move to the next level and integrate technologies like;

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

ShopperCoin will introduce blockchain based decentralize wallets and open API's for ShopperCoin community which will allow the user to take ShopperCoin out of the current ecosystem and build applications for further adoption of ShopperCoin as a cryptocurrency.

AI & Machine Learning

Introducing machine learning, combined with Artificial Intelligence, will make it possible for merchants to get real-time analytics on a set of data vital to them; like customer behavior. Also, merchants can use this data to create better pricing, offers and, footfall and, overall store management, resulting in more business and optimizing profitability.

ShopperCoin for Brands

ShopperCoin for Brands will allow companies to launch direct reward and cash back programs within ShopperCoin Ecosystem. The platform will allow companies to create scratch cards, QR codes ready for their customers to scan and redeem rewards in ShopperCoin app.

ShopperCoin Exchange.

ShopperCoin will offer customers the ease of
onboarding and transacting as quickly as possible.
This means customers who hold no coins and
customers who hold other coins like Bitcoin, Bitcoin
Cash or Ethereum will be able to complete their
transactions with ease. To make this possible we
have built an internal cryptocurrency exchange
available within the ShopperCoin app.

Customers can exchange Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum for Shoppercoin (SCO) and vice versa. ShopperCoin exchange will keep adding more pairs of other cryptocurrencies in the future.